Tell 'Ur' Tale - October

Imagine | Create | Win

For Ages 4 - 15 Years


Exciting Prizes and participation certificates for all

Get your child's story published!!*

!!! Entry Open only till Oct 20, 2021!!!


Weave your Own Tale!

Create an original story based on our Visual Story Prompts or your own idea

Register for the contest and upload your story on the link provided by us.

Our experienced judges will select the top 3 best submissions.


Every child who participates will be awarded a “Master Story Teller” certificate and a chance to get his/her story published in our digital magazine!


How to Participate?

  1. Register your kid in his/her age category. Registration fees are Rs.199/- only

  2. Age Categories are 4 -5, 6 - 8 ,9 - 11, 12 - 15 years 

  3. Choose any one of our themes we have to create and write a story  or Submit an original story written by you.

  4. Entries are accepted till Oct 20 

    (Stories can be typed and uploaded on our link )

  5. Our judges will read each story and we will publish the list of winners by Nov 5!

  6. Each kid who participates will receive an e-certificate of “Master Story Teller” and a chance to get his/her story published!


Themes Your Child will Love

Blessed are the curious as they have Adventures!!!

Let your child take the world on an adventure ride with his/her Imagination.... Tell us an original Adventure Story!!!



What is the Language of Submission in the Tell "Ur" Tale 

The Language of submission is English

Who can participate in the Tell "Ur" Tale

Any child who is aged between 4 years - 15 years can participate

My child is 4 years. How can He/She compete against a 15 year old?

You are absolutely right! While the imagination of a 4 year old may easily rival that of an 15 year old, we are creating a level playing field. We have created 4 age categories (4 - 5 6 - 8 9 - 11 and 12 - 15 years) and each category will be considered separately.

Does our child have to write / tell a story?

For age group 4 - 5 Kids have to create and narrate the story. You can send us an Audio/Video of Narration.

For age group 4 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 11, 12 - 15 Kids have to write the story

(In both cases please ensure you also submit a typed word document that is needed for publication in the magazine)

Can I as a parent help my kid in writing the story?

Yes - we encourage parents to help their kids in developing the story. But our advice is to let the kids’ imagination remain primary - we all know that our children can imagine stuff way better than we can!

What parameters will stories be evaluated on?

Every story will be evaluated on a combination of 5 factors - Creativity, Originality, Grammar & Spellings, Flow and Structure

How long should the stories be?

  • 4 -5 Years Old : 3 -5 min Narration

  • 6 - 8  Years Old: 200 - 800 Words

  • 9  - 12 , 13 - 15  Years Old: 500 - 1000 Words


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  • Wizkidscarnival's Tell 'Ur' Tale Challenge

* Terms and Conditions Apply for Story Publication and Prizes


!!! Get Your Child's Story Published + Win Exciting Prizes !!!

First Prize: Rs. 800 Gift Card

Second Prize: Rs. 500 Gift Card

Third Prize: Rs. 350 Gift Card