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Tell Ur Tale - Oct Themes

4 - 5 ( Choose 1 from the 5 Options)
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Honesty is best policy. Weave a story that depicts this quality..

You are enjoying cycling with your friends. You take a turn and lose balance. What happens next?

" Helping others is helping oneself". Weave a story for this idiom.

Your favourite water bottle is missing. Write a story about your quest to find it.

Any Original Story

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Topic- 9 -11
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Any Original Story
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6 - 8 Years (Choose 1 from the 5 Options)

"Fortune favours the brave." Write a story on this motto.

Write a story about an incident that showed you the true meaning of friendship.

The sun does not rise for one day. Narrate a story of how you would spend an entire day in darkness.

A School Trip is being arranged for your class. Your teacher asks all students to mention 2 places of their choice. Narrate a story on the chaos that followed after it.

Any original Story 

9 - 11 Years (Choose 1 from 5 Options)

Write a story for your school magazine on the topic " Your favourite month of the year''.

If fruits were people they would have distinct characters. Narrate a story of their conversation among each other.

" Humour is the spice of life. Weave a story where humour helped you to get out of a tricky situation.

You are all set for today's online exam of english. As the paper is shown, you start trembling. You see science paper on screen…...

Any Original Story

12 - 15 Years(Choose 1 from 5 options)

Not failure but low aim is a crime" Write a story on this theme.

You are a soldier in Indian Army. You have to start your journey to your new destination. You are excited about the new place when you receive a message….....

" Practice makes one perfect". Raman came across this idiom while reading a book.He recalled his own experience about when….

You are working on your science project. A few minutes away from the project and your sister scribbles on it. You take a look at the now ruined project…....What happens next?

Any Original Story